Trublood 360

Datar Cancer Genetics

A Simple Blood Test for Cancer Diagnosis. It Could Save Your Life.


A prescription blood test that can help diagnose cancers based on detection of organ specific Circulating Tumor Cells (CTCs).

For Whom

• Patients who have been advised a biopsy to rule out suspected cancer.
• Patients in whom a recent biopsy has been inconclusive.
• Patients in whom a biopsy is not feasible.
• Patients who are suspected of cancer recurrence.


Circulating tumor cells are isolated from a patient’s blood sample and extensively analyzed to assist in the diagnosis of cancer.


Invasive biopsies are expensive, risk-prone procedures. Many patients who undergo a biopsy are diagnosed with benign conditions. Trublood, which requires only a simple blood draw, can reduce the need for biopsies in patients with benign conditions.

Revolutionary Technology

The cutting-edge technology that powers Trublood is validated stringently to meet global standards.


  • Non-invasive, safe, convenient, and patient-friendly.
  • No need for hospitalization/visit to an advanced healthcare facility.
  • No risks of pain, bleeding, or infection.
  • Suitable at preliminary presentation as well as for suspected recurrence.
  • Suitable for radiologically undetectable tumors.



A Revolutionary Blood Test To Detect Caner Early, So That It Could Be Cured.

Therapy Guidance

We Can Help Physicians Make More Informed Treatment Decisions.


A Powerful Test For Better Management And Monitoring of Cancer Treatments.


A Simple Blood Test To Detect Cancer Early,
So That It Could Be Cured.

We can help physicians make more informed treatment decisions.

A Powerful Test For Better Management and
Monitoring of Cancer Treatments.


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