Trublood 360

Datar Cancer Genetics

A Simple Blood Draw That May Be Able to Help Detect Cancer and Also Reduce the Need for Biopsies in Individuals Without Cancer.


A prescription blood test to help diagnose cancers based on the detection of Circulating Tumor Cells (CTCs). The test may be suitable at presentation or suspected recurrence, as well as for sub-radiological tumors.

For Whom

• Patients who have been advised a biopsy,
• Patients in whom a recent biopsy has been inconclusive.
• Patients in whom a biopsy is not feasible.
• Patients who are suspected of cancer recurrence.


Blood samples are processed to detect
the presence of CTCs, which may
also be able to indicate
the cancer type.


Biopsies are risk-prone procedures and several patients who undergo a biopsy are diagnosed with non-cancerous conditions. Reducing the need for biopsies in patients without cancer can help reduce risks and healthcare costs.

Revolutionary Technology

Trublood technology is validated stringently to industry standards.


  • Non-invasive blood-based test is safer and more convenient than invasive procedures.
  • Blood collection is a low-risk procedure that can be done at any clinic and does not require hospital admission.



A Revolutionary Blood Test To Detect Caner Early, So That It Could Be Cured.

Therapy Guidance

We Can Help Physicians Make More Informed Treatment Decisions.


A Powerful Test For Better Management And Monitoring of Cancer Treatments.


A Simple Blood Test To Detect Cancer Early,
So That It Could Be Cured.

We can help physicians make more informed treatment decisions.

A Powerful Test For Better Management and
Monitoring of Cancer Treatments.

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